Sunday, 9 January 2011

My Live Pitch To The Wool Room...

This here is the pitch for The Wool Room, and what I have been working really hard on this week.

This is a rather unusual pitch as it involves a form of animation.  The basic story of it is:
·         It’s a cold winter’s night and a little old man is asleep in bed. The little old man lives in a little country house and in the field his house is in, there are some sheep.
·         The little old man can’t sleep and is tossing and turning in bed.  The sheep are looking through the window sad for him.
·         There will then be and animation of a sunrise.
·         You see the old man leave his house and mow his grass. One sheep whistles to the other three and they all huddle.
·         They get the idea to shave off their wool and make him a blanket.
·         They then sneak into his home and lay it on his bed.
·         There will then be a little night animation.
·         You will then see the old man getting into bed and snuggling up to go to sleep.
·         All she sheep are watching from the window and smile as they shiver.
·         They then all then look over form where a snoring noise is coming from, and see the one sheep that didn’t get shaved fast asleep.
·         They all run towards him and the logo and slogan come on.
·         Then it ends with them all asleep hugging the unshaved sheep and the unshaved sheep then sighs and smiles.
The set ans the Sheep Characters for this took me ages to design and make. The sheep are made out of White plastercine, and wool, and the farmer is a wooden doll figure, covered in plastercine.
The set was made from two foamex boards, which I painted and added paper mache hills too. The interior and exterior of the house was made from a range of cardbord boxes, put together and covered in paper mache and painted, and the bedroom furniture was cerial boxes.
It took alot of time and hard work for me to make the set, but I am really proud of it and think it looks really good. Here are some photos of the shoot.

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