Thursday, 4 November 2010

What A Week!!

This week has been a really busy week for me. There seems to be soo much I need to do and get on  with i cant think where to start!

We held Auditions for the Multi Camera Project on Tuesday night. There wasnt as many people there as we eaxpected, but the majority who did turn up were good, and we believe will fit into the production.

Things finally seem to be moving a little bit faster with the Multi cam Project, and hopefully by the end or today we should have the first full draft of the script. People have finally started to plan the shoots for the the second unit material, and we not have a dat for the set design to be put up.

The Hotseating sesson on Tuesday I found to be fun useful and helpful to most pepole, even the script writers as it gave them a better chance to understand the characters they have written into the production.

My live seems to be coming on now too. The Story board is almost done. The script is Finished, I have a good Collection of materials and boxes ready to make the set, and my sheep are now moulded and need the wool addng to them.

Me and Charlotte had disscussion with Chris and have found a Farm in Coulby Newham to get in touch with about getting some Sounds from there.

Most things now seem to be moving on well, so I think id better get back to doing them!!

See You Later...

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Welcome To My Bloggg!

Hi There, and welcome to my blog.
I have set up this blog to show my achievements, thoughts and progress I have made through out the past two years on the FdA TV and Film Course at CCAD.

I aim to keep it updated with my projects, what they are, and whats going on in them, also how far along they are.

Hopefully with a little hard work and a bit of a push i hope to be a Producer or a Cinematographer within Television to start, and to then work my way up to the BIG FILMS starring Mr Gerard Butler...

So Better Get Started!